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Fine as frog hair

Yeah, you heard me. I am. It's the only way to put it.

I like to throw in occasional moments of false bragadoccio among more typical moments of low self-esteem to throw people off. For example, I had this Polaroid that my grandfather took of me reading a book on his porch and I was passing it around like, "Man, look at me. A sexy beast AND literate? Look out, ladies!" And all my friends looked at me like I was on drugs. It was awesome.

As mc chris most excellently said, "My self-aggrandizing and deprecation keeps 'em guessing, call me Venus Flytrap 'cuz my dj's Howard Hessman."

Uhh, minus that last part, I guess.


Robert Kirkman: Inspiration to Children Everywhere!


This past Wednesday I headed out to the local YMCA to see my good pal, comics professional Robert Kirkman, give what I thought was going to be a little talk about working in comics to local kids from the Y. It was a thing I had help set up by putting the dude from the Y in contact with Robert. So I thought I'd go check it out.

Turns out, what Robert was actually going to do was read Invincible #1 aloud to the kids while they showed the pages on a screen via a Power Point presentation. Seriously. I don't think I'd ever seen Robert more reluctant to do something since that time he reluctantly didn't order a pizza. He wanted to be anywhere but there. But there he was.

And they made some pretty big thing out of it. The mayor came. Yeah. The mayor came, and through official proclamation declared Wednesday, September 7, 2005, Superhero Day throughout our city. AMAZING. You could tell it was an important proclamation, because it was witnessed by me, Kirkman, the staff of the Y, and six five year olds. I'm sure we were in the paper.

So yeah. There were actually some kids present. Maybe about eight or so, plus some parents. And naturally, sometime in the course of the presentation, a couple of college age kids who wanted some Walking Dead issues signed showed up late. At any rate, it was awesome to see Robert very embarrassedly reading things like "CHA-THOOM!" and "THWAM!" and occasionally describing panel contents to the kids who were probably too young for Invincible. And the occasional self-edits were pretty awesome. Anytime Robert came across a line he thought was inappropriate for little kids, he would skip it. It was pretty funny. The Y people had apparently done one, though, because on the slide for page four where Debbie says, "If you keep that up, you're gonna give yourself a heart attack!" in reference to Mark pooping for too long, the balloon just had her shouting, "!". No foolin'.

After the reading, there were a few questions, including one where Robert told a kid that, no, his opinion was wrong and Spider-Man was way cooler than Batman. He had to reiterate this opinion to some of the parents in the room as well. The Fresh Prince said it best, chums. "Parents just don't understand."

There were also refreshments. I drank an allegedly "Rainbow-flavored" drink. It was blue. I dunno. A couple of girls came up with issues of Jubilee they had just bought to get signed. They will be SO disappointed. I hope they like the secret mafia subplot.

I had to leave after a while because....


I bought Lost season 1 on DVD. I technically couldn't afford it, but I didn't really get any presents for my birthday, and it was on sale, so I was like, what the heck. Happy birthday, me! But then I didn't get the extra bonus disc, even though I got it at Best Buy.


Anyway, so I took my awesome seven disc set and ate dinner at my friends' house and then we watched the first episode. I think we would have watched more, but after the first one, it was 9:00 PM and everyone else was all tired. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME? ARE ALL MY FRIENDS OLD? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT.

No, it's actually that they all have jobs. Sigh....


That said, I might have a job. Don't want to jinx it. Should find out this weekend.


Has there ever been a concept that you subconsciously knew existed, and you probably even acknowledged it, but it was never fully realized until you heard the word that describes it? This happened to me yesterday when my sister mentioned a new word to me.


It was like a breakthrough. I have clirty clothes. You probably have clirty clothes, too. They're the clothes that you've already worn, so they're not fresh out the box, but they're still clean enough to wear. They're clirty. For example, a man's jeans are almost perpetually clirty. I know mine are.

I need to go to the store and buy some laundry detergent, so today I made sure to wear my clirtiest clothes.

It's like a great onus has been lifted from me.


Man, my life the past week has been an emotionally bipolar roller coaster. Like Full of ups and downs. I don't even know what's going on, man. It's crazy. But it's seeming like the ups are getting bigger and the downs are getting smaller, so hopefully it will even out in a good way soon. We'll see.


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