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So as you saw, I bought some new music this week. I don't normally do music reviews or whatever, as there are people infinitely more qualified than I am to do so, but I do have a particular fondness for music, and occassionally I feel strongly about what I'm listening to. I am, after all, full of opinions. And I want to share these opinions with you.

Some initial thoughts about Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?:

Their previous effort, Sunlandic Twins was one of my favorite records of last year-ish. If you haven't heard it, imagine it thusly: think of the Scooby gang, except instead of just being plucky, sexually-ambiguous adventurers, they are also one of the best twee-pop bands you've ever heard, and they're trapped in an abandoned European disco, and the only way they can beat the ghost is to totally rock out with all the implements therein and with additional help from the Lonely Planet guide to Norway. This is what Sunlandic Twins is like. It's fantastic.

Hissing Fauna is, um, somewhat darker. It's kind of like what would happen if you took that plucky band of disco-rockers, and...the Cure? slit Shaggy's throat? and replaced them? And then Velma was still there, but instead of being a dowdy lesbian, she was a sassmouth male diva? It's kind of like that. I have not heard a more existential set of disco beats with lyrics on top about ennui and the emptiness of organized religion since the last outing by KC and the Sunshine Band.

Additionally, the production has really been stepped up into the realm of the utterly theatrical. The pomp and circumstance of this record falls somewhere in between Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado and the for actual production of Godspell that is performed semi-annually in for real actual heaven, starring Jesus as himself. It's that glitzy. Glitzy, but bleak.

A standout track that I heard them play at their show here a couple of months back sticks with me even more, having heard the record: it's as if Kevin Barnes was all, "Yes, Benito, I WILL namedrop Robocop in a song about the bitter sting of rejection. Just for you. And at the next show, I will share the front row makeouts with you." This song is "She's a Rejector." Remember kids--violence against women: unacceptable. Consensual, work-for-hire violence against women: slightly less unacceptable?

Anyway, this record is totally flippin' sweet and you are stupid for not listening to it like RIGHT NOW.

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