Benito Cereno (benitocereno) wrote,
Benito Cereno

P.S. You Rock My World

So today, as you may have noticed, was Valentine's Day. As I am a sad, weepy, emo fella, you were probably anticipating something from me. Sorry. Didn't really happen? I guess today would have been an okay time for a return to Hug Salesman, but alas.

The classicist/historian side of me wants to tell you all about Lupercalia and Christianity's appropriation of yet another fertility festival, but Warren Ellis has already firmly staked his claim on Horny Werewolf Day, so I can't beat it. Instead, I'll offer you a Wikipedia link in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

But since it is that most amorous of days, I will, at last, admit something to you, internet. I am in love. Yes, I have hidden it from you, but I have found a new love.

It is the new Gumby comic by Bob Burden and Rick Geary.

Bob Burden you may know as the creator of Flaming Carrot. Rick Geary has done a large amount of comics work, but you might? know him? from his Treasury of Victorian Murders? Probably not?

It's just really fantastic. The second issue really shows how perfectly surreal Gumby can and should be. Do you remember those old clips, man? Non sequiturs galore. So lovely. Burden, of course, captures that perfectly well.

Issue two is a real treat. Gumby wants to raise money to buy Super Duper Uberboots? So he joins a circus? Who kidnaps children? And they hypnotize him? And also his parents into thinking a bag of potatoes is him? And they turn Gumby into a golem? And the angel of Johnny Cash comes down to inspire his ultimate victory? And it's perfect and awesome?

Anyway, the last issue of NextWave came out. It is so amazing. I am immortally sad that this book is ending. But it ends almost just as it should have. I won't spoil it. It really sucks that Immonen was sniped from this book to draw crappy Ultimate Spider-Man.

Here's some information for you--two things that comic fans hate:

1) Change
2) Reading lol

Also, if you haven't seen it, this blog is pretty great. A smart, funny girl who loves Silver Age Superman? Yes plz.

Anyway, I suppose I should leave you with a special Valentine's Day gift. A song, for you.

A song from my view of love. "I hate a lot of things, but I love a few things; and you are one of them."

So this one goes out to my one true love: the ladies.

Ant Farm by the Eels.

So, you know: Happy VD and lulz, &c. I hope you spent yours better than I spent mine, alone watching Lost because you tots got sexiled from your weekly Lost party because of Horny Werewolf Day. Share stories if'n you got 'em.

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