Benito Cereno (benitocereno) wrote,
Benito Cereno

Internetters are letting me down

I don't watch a lot of television. I watch maybe three shows with any kind of regularity. Currently, my schedule doesn't let me watch two of those shows in their normal time slots, because I'm not at home. CBS, fortunately, has the generosity to post new episodes of their shows on their website for free, so that I can enjoy the episode I missed at a later date. ABC also does this, just in case I should miss the show I watch on their network.

NBC, however, does NOT do this. As such, if I want to watch a show I enjoy from their network that will go unnamed, but which features the daily life of people in an office, I have to rely on sneaky internetters posting the episodes on YouTube or Dailymotion.

No new episode has been posted on either site for three weeks. And all I hear people saying is, "Blah blah, the new episode is soooo grood!" And I hate them for it.

Does someone know of another internets site featuring streaming video where I might find these episodes for free? And don't direct me to torrents. I have no interest in that. Anybody? Anyone?

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