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Man, you guys, for serious.

Today was just as bad as a weekend day in terms of internet lameness. Way to not do anything interesting, internet.


"This kind of thing doesn't happen every day," says man WHO WRESTLED A LEOPARD TO SUBMISSION IN HIS UNDERPANTS.


World, meet the cover of Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together.


I guess I should tell you about The PLAIN Janes now.

Short version: I liked it.

Long version: even if I hadn't liked it, I would still be applauding it. Something about the launch of the Minx line just makes me feel as if someone suddenly woke up and said, "Ahh, I get it."

Fortunately, the launch book landed on solid footing. The story is charming, the characters endearing. Our central character, Jane, or Main Jane as she is known, moves to a small town from a big one after an obliquely alluded-to terrorist attack. In the confusion following the strike, Jane picks up a sketchbook from an unidentified man with the legend "ART SAVES" on the cover.

And as Main Jane is thrust into a muddled life of uniform suburbia, she has to ask herself, can, and more importantly DOES, art save?

It's a pretty great little piece. Two main concerns I have seen people have with the book are:

1) It's too short. This I agree with to a degree. It definitely feels as if much more could be said and certain threads feel as if they could be resolved to a further extent. Considering how many young adult books feature a string of sequels, I don't see this necessarily being a permanent problem. I would love to see more of the Janes. (I do worry that the uniform length of all Minx books might be a weird constraint on some stories. We'll see.)

2) The characters are cliched. This I do not agree with. Main Jane is very much a multi-dimensional, even somewhat problematic, protagonist. The other Janes are pulled from stock characters, this is true, but I feel Castellucci makes some effort to subvert these stock characters by adding personalized character touches (such as the tomboy jock Jane who won't trim her eyebrows, but who has an endearingly girly crush on the basketball captain). So there.

The art by Jim Rugg is as good as it can be considering the lack of ninjas and time traveling Aztec gods.

Worth a look.


Book I was disappointed in: Showcase Presents The Flash.

The Flash, man! The original Silver Age book is in this volume. How can this book not be brilliant?

It's just kind of...not. The stories are somewhat formulaic, and worse, the formula tends to include a really rushed ending.

A twelve page story usually goes something like this:

Page 1: Splash page introducing story concept, often just reiterating the cover.
Page 2-3: Iris West tells Barry Allen how he's late all the time to their dates and she wishes he was more like the Flash.
Page 4-7: A new villain is introduced, or an old villain is reintroduced and we see exactly how he escapes prison or whatever.
Page 8-9: Flash encounters villain and the villain beats him the first time they fight.
Page 10-11: Flash meets up with the villain a second time, only to be placed in a trap of some kind.
Page 12: Flash escapes the trap, rushes up to the villain and knocks him out with one punch and then takes him to prison and then changes to Barry Allen and then is late for his date with Iris.


See how all that stuff happens on the last page? It's all crammed right in there. Sad. I had high hopes for this one. To be fair, I haven't read the last 100 pages (out of almost 600), so I've still got the famous "THE DAY THE FLASH WEIGHED 1000 LBS!" story to get to, but that seems to be the only one that has the typical Silver Age batshittery I look for in my comics and typically find in abundance in my Superman and Justice League volumes.

We'll see...


Someone remind me that I have free passes to a sneak preview of KNOCKED UP for tomorrow night so that I don't forget to go.


Sometimes weird, terrible things happen by utter surprise and just knock me for a loop. One such thing happened today and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I don't think I'll ever understand this place.

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