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Snippets of time

Grabbing internet while I can. The rest of the internet is boring me. So there it is.


Re: re-watching JLU.

Lots of people praise the scene from the final episode where Superman does his "world of cardboard" speech and then beats on Darkseid as if that's the most amazing thing they've ever seen. Superman hits him two times and then other things start to happen. It's probably the least impressive fight involving a Kryptonian in the series?

The fight in "Clash" between Superman and Captain Marvel is basically superior to everything in every way. Blows that literally rip buildings in half at weird angles? Shattering windows with every punch? Much better. Also: Captain Marvel is involved.


Some dudes shared some drawings with me, so I'm going to be an image leech:



Someone from PJ named korintic:

That one looks like someone thought it would be hilarious to mix a turkey's face and some genitals.

Unleechable! But from khythas so click it!

This one from pooryorick seems to be bork bork borken:

So again, if you have done some fan arts or pages for me, post it in reply and I will totally steal some of your bandwidth in gratitude.

[edit: My plan to leech images was a bad one; the images were either too big or borked. So now they're links. There you go, jerks. Click them.]


I am aware that on my list of flaws, my addiction to the Bendis board is only slightly less damaging than my tendency to poke my retinas with syringes I find on the McDonald's playground, but I CAN'T HELP IT. If you guys would talk to me on here more, maybe I could avoid it.

But more to the point, these threads drive me crazy. Dude totally does one of those every few months, and then it's like SIXTY PAGES of totally inane replies.

Here is my impersonation of that thread:

BEDNIS: hay guys who shuold drawr my books of tiny heads n bda contininity
GUY 1: My suggestion is a list of guys who are exclusive at DC!
BEDNIS: good chioce
GUY 2: This list of people is made up of dudes who are running behind on their own monthly commitments!
BEDNIS: rgiht on
GUY 3: These people are dead and have been. . . for 20 years!

over and over for SIXTY PAGES.



I guess that's all.

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