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The most important code of the month:


This is the order code for Popgun vol. 1. Give this number to your retailer, and if he or she is worth the shadow of a corpse fart, s/he'll be able to get you a copy of the book come November.

As a reminder, Popgun vol. 1 is the big 500+ page anthology book coming out from Image with a bunch of dudes you and I know in it, in addition to real actual talented people in it.

Also, it is the ONLY place this year to get a new Hector Plasm story, something that is almost the first new Bully Pulpit in three years, and a thing I wrote for Paul Maybury one time when I broke into a faculty bathroom in the middle of the night in college.

I've seen the question raised about whether there will be serialized features in Popgun. The short answer is yes; the long answer is yeeeeeeeeesssssss. One of those serialized features will be the sort-of Bully Pulpit I've been teasing. It will run at least three parts, and probably four.

In fact, here's a sample from part two that I wrote recently:

TEDDY: Yes, crew, do you smell that? The bright searing scent of ozone ripping across your senses, the sweat-soaked smacks of flesh slamming into flesh, the crunch of a boot tread leaving its mark on the face of injustice! The smell of science...AND ACTION!

So there. Opponents beware, opponents beware, it's coming, it's coming, it's coming!


I totally just realized it is three weeks or less until I can announce my next big thing. It's my next project with Nate, and no, it's not more Hector (sorry). It's a pretty big thing, though, that I wrote most of over two years ago. So it's pretty cool to see it finally happening. It should be out in December, unless Nate falls off the wagon.

Don't fall off the wagon, Nate!


For what it's worth, the best comic from this week was Matt Kindt's Super Spy.

Even in a week that featured Hellboy, the best thing I read was this intricately scripted, non-linear series of WWII spy stories. It is, basically, amazing.

In case you didn't have the gumption to click the link above, here's the description from the site:

"Super Spy is a super-deluxe, full-color collection of 52 interwoven spy thrillers about cyanide, pen-guns, heartbreak and betrayal. Spanning the countries of Spain, France, and German during World War II, each story follows the everyday life of a spy, exploring their small lies and deceptions, as well as the larger secrets they hide. A children's book is something more than it seems; a woman swims the English Channel to deliver a deadly secret; a German spy desperately seeks escape for herself and her daughter; and a spy continues to serve his country even beyond death. A gorgeous full-color graphic novel that not only reveals the nature of espionage, but how an individual can be lost in a world of lies and deception, and still manage to find redemption. -- 336 pages"

Also worth your time and money: Kindt's 2 Sisters. More spy thrills, but with pirates and Romans. Also, character overlap between the two books! Awesome! Tubular!


Also out this week:

Devilish Greetings

I kind of ordered this on accident.

I meant to order the new printing of this book's predecessor, The Devil in Design, a book of Krampus postcards. Instead, I ordered the new book, the sequel, which is a book of devil postcards.

Not as cool. (Sorry, Satan.) HOWEVER, something like 25% of the postcards in this book are Krampus postcards anyway, so that's kind of cool.

Hopefully I'll be able to snag the Krampus book too at some point.

Either one is worth a look.


Warren Ellis' Crooked Little Vein is a Warren Ellis comic, except without pictures.

If you have ever enjoyed an Ellis comic such as Fell, Desolation Jones, or Global Frequency, this novel is pretty much for you. It's a pretty brisk read, so you can get in your Godzilla bukkake and saline injection fixes while on the growler.



I should have mentioned a few weeks ago, but Derek Kirk Kim's MiNX book, Good as Lily, is basically amazing. Best of the line so far, by far. Definitely worth your ten bucks.

It's everything you'd expect from a Derek Kirk Kim book, and lives up to its premise as well as you could have hoped.

The cover unfortunately gives a glimpse of how super extra awesome the book would have been if he had drawn it as well, but fortunately, Jesse Hamm definitely serves, even if prior to this book, he was most famous for saying comic book writers suck and are useless and getting Mark Waid really, really mad at him.


That's all, chiddren.

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