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The Captain's Blog
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Saturday, January 6th, 2007

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You've got the poison; alternatively, I have the remedy
I don't want to be negative guy. No, shut up, I know that I am. I mean about comics. So for all the bad taste Frontline left in my soul, I've been reading some stuff that more than made up for it.

I present: comics that did not, after reading, make me want to open a vein.

I am up to my ears in big, fat, black and white archival editions. I love them so much.

Also, I will not be entertaining any questions about my bedsheets. Thank you.


New Hug Salesman soon? At this point, I've got almost TOO MANY ideas for strips, so there's like a logjam of ideas at the moment. The next one, naturally, will progress out of the previous Disappointment Day strips and will tell what happened with Nate and his two girl fiasco.

Soon? Yes?

Give me a break, I have like four big, fat, black and white archival editions to read.

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