January 20th, 2007

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So Nate totally made a bunch of t-shirts. One of them has me on it. It also has a "Benito Was Right" t-shirt ON THE T-SHIRT. So there was never a "Benito Was Right" t-shirt made, but there is a t-shirt with a "Benito Was Right" t-shirt on it. Yeah.

Anyway, I went to buy one. It's sold out. So I didn't buy one.

But it got me thinking. I need, money, right? And no one's hiring me to write comics, obviously. And no one's paying me to post on internet (although you can, if you want), and I feel I probably owe people money if they're reading Hug Salesman.

So, thinks I, would it be economically feasible to try to sell some dudes some t-shirts? This is what I have come to ask you.

Obviously I am not a hugely popular dude, especially to be a t-shirt theme. But obscure t-shirts are hip? So I wanted to bounce some ideas off of you.

Here are ideas for t-shirts I have:

BENITO WAS RIGHT (this is the obvious one)
dynamic pose Benito with giant "OH SNAP BOOM" sfx, possibly an explosion
Hug Salesman shirt, featuring the quintessential Hug Salesman image: Benito, rumpled suit, slumped shoulders, open briefcase, empty
Doctor Roktopuss "hos in various binary codes" t-shirt
Benito/Nate Action Hour Ballyhoo Go! t-shirt
Tales from the Bully Pulpit "Enough science to choke a mule" t-shirt
Burgeoning Lads of Science t-shirt with logo and "Agendum'st scientiae gratia" motto
Hector t-shirt, most likely with the "Puella de qua somnio non extat" drawling

I would most likely force Nate to draw any/all of these, except the TftBP one, which I'd try to find Graeme in the northern wastes for.

Do any of these sound interesting? Y/N

If yes, which? If no, what sounds better, douche?

I am aware I am posting this late on a Friday night, so I may not get many responses. I will probably repost this at a later time.


Speaking of re-posting, in case you didn't see this, I am totally looking for some peeps to draw me. Nate did this; he was relatively successful. The idea is, you draw my default MySpace image. No matter how good or bad it is, I will post it for at least a week, or until I receive a new drawing, whichever is longer. The current drawing is by Jason Latour.

My MySpace, in case you forgot, is http://www.myspace.com/benitocereno

It doesn't matter if you know/care what I look like or whatever. Draw me as you interpret me. That's the idea.

Yeah? Yeah.