March 5th, 2007

type type type

You, me, and ennui

Sometimes I get the urge to draw again. I used to think I would be a comics artist, back in the mullet times. When I got to college, I kind of realized that there was no way I could actually be a professional artist. So I basically stopped drawing. Other than some Mundays and the old Funkotron Funnies (man, remember those?), I haven't drawn much since then. Occasionally, as I said, I get the urge to try again.

Nothing kills that urge like actually drawing.

I did a sketch of a character I knew I would eventually have to sketch, and the urge kind of hit me, so I did it.

This is my new secret favorite character, whom you'll probably/possibly never see in any kind of printed comic. Her name is Jenny Allison.

[Note to self: camera not acceptable substitute for scanner]

Once I had that down on paper, boy howdy, did I want to stop drawing.

Also of note, blurry and in the left hand margin, is my sketch for the logo of the Burgeoning Lads of Science, along with motto, "Agendum'st scientiae gratia." It's basically a phantasmitten and a torch. I'm a simple man with simple tastes.


I'm still waiting on something awesome to happen, by the way. I realized that last weekend, I was amped for something legendary to happen, and it never did. So at this point, I've kind of whittled it down to awesome. I'm sure once a week of futility passes, I'll have lowered my standards to just hoping that something cool happens.

We'll see.