March 18th, 2007

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Oooh, Potatoes O'Brien

Benit O'Cereno here wishing that you had a disgusting time pretending to be Irish today, you horrible people.

Surely we don't have to wait all the way until Oktoberfest for our next Vaguely Racist Caricature Day, do we? Is there a St. Sambo's Day sometime in June? Anybody? [edit: Duh. I of course forgot Cinco de Maio, when we can all get our pin yacht on.]

No? Well, I hope you got good and drunk like my good pal Nate. He was the only one who drunk dialed me, so I can't say for sure.*

I'm gonna read some Fionn MacCumhaill stories to wash the pain away.

*his crapulence, however, was not Irish-related.


I'm sorry you didn't like my sea shanty. Maybe you'll like this one better.

Definitely NSFW, and totally, totally NFBSK. Dirty words ahoy!


A thing I totally found out today: apparently you can still order Tales from the Bully Pulpit through Diamond? So if you want one, or if you want to take advantage of the fact that they go for large dollars on eBay, the order code is JUN041377. Tell your lazy retailer to get off his butt, maybe?





Batmen of All Nations, sucka.

Rock me, Dr. Zaius.


Also, for the first time since I started, I don't have a new me drawing in the hopper for MySpace this week. So unless you want to see Chris Piers' fine portrait up for another week, I suggest you bust a picture in my inbox.