March 19th, 2007

type type type


Things I wanted to do today:

--Do laundry
--Clean kitchen
--Rent movies
--Maybe eat Korean

Things I have actually done today:

--Sat for hours (at this point, three and a half total) waiting to talk to a Symantec customer service rep.

I got through on the phone after over half an hour of waiting, only for my cell service to drop the call midway through. Rather than wait another half hour to be put on line with an undoubtedly different Indian gentleman, I decided, perhaps naively, to use their chat service instead.

I have now been waiting for something like an hour and a half for someone to come into the room. There are still 42 people ahead of me in the queue. I'm nearly ready to kill someone. With punches.

At this point, I almost feel certain I could maybe fix the problem myself? but I don't want to get out of the chatroom where I've been for so long just in case I'm wrong.



On another note.

My good friend Swarley Stinson argues that while many say a good mix should rise and fall, he in fact feels a good mix is all rise: start high and get higher.

This is the philosophy I used yesterday when I remembered that, oh yeah, as an adult, one of the things I can do is rent movies. Having one of those days (and realizing that if the awesome won't come to me, I will go to the awesome), I rented, and subsequently watched back to back, Transporter, Transporter 2, and Crank. It was a Stathamthon.

It felt as if to get the entire effect, I should have done some lines of blow first (I found out from an actual person that people do say "lines of blow" in real life and not just in 1970s films about pimps and cold street justice). Instead I kicked it off Nate-style with some Burger King, which perhaps had the adverse effect of making me somewhat sluggish, as well as a giant cup of iced tea, which really just made me pee a lot. (Note: to be fair, it wasn't entirely Nate-style, as I ordered a Whopper, with vegetables on it, like an adult, and not a BK Stacker, with bacon on it, like a manchild.)

But really, way to bring the action, charming Brit Jason Statham. I want to fight some dudes with a firehose SO HARD now.


32 ahead of me in the queue now. That's 200 less than when I started hours ago!


I had a dream Saturday night/Sunday morning where, I won't go into further details, but I had a puppy. But instead of a normal puppy, it was a puppy with a puppy's tiny body and a full-sized adult dog's head. He was so awkward and imbalanced. So sad.

Last night's dreams focused largely around roller derby girls? I think there was one point where a team of skaters did a snarky, negative cheer and I high fived them all in congratulations. I can't remember any of the cheer, but I was duly impressed at the time.


30 ahead of me in the queue.

type type type


So customer service didn't help at all. I have no doubt that Poonwhatever is good at his job and probably smarter than the people here who couldn't snag that out-sourced job, but is it so bad that I would have liked to speak to someone whose first language was English? Should I have asked for a Canadian?

Basically, he told me to do what I had already been doing. Obviously it didn't work when I did it after him telling me to do it, either.

So on my own, I downloaded Norton Remover or something that's supposed to get rid of all Norton everything so I could try to reinstall. After having to restart again and again, IT STILL DIDN'T WORK.


So after wasting six hours of my time, I said, "Screw you, Norton," and now I'm back on Avast, which is, you know, free.


Symantec will not refund my $40.