March 28th, 2007

type type type

I must have some kind of disease.

I feel that I must have come down with some kind of pathological disorder. The reason I feel this way is that yesterday, while sitting down doing little else on a perfectly nice warm spring day, I had a sudden, irrepressible urge to go to a Renaissance Festival.

Does anybody know if there's anything I can take to combat this?


Since I mentioned in my last post some of my many projects that will never see the light of day, I figured I'd share one with you, just so they don't go to total waste.

This book was a real struggle and it really breaks my heart to admit defeat on this one, but such is life.

This one was basically doomed from the start, coming from the ashes of a big crash and burn on another book I was supposed to do for someone else. The artist from that book was supposed to follow me onto this one instead, but he got sniped, to make a long story short. I then traversed the internet for an artist, getting a surprisingly high not at all surprising number of identical "This concept sounds AWESOME, but..." replies. I then bounced around from artist to artist who said they would do it, only to flake out or completely disappear forever from the sands of time? So I pretty much called it quits on this book six months ago or so.

It was called BRAND. Here's some pages.

Art by William Anysz.

It was my love letter to superhero books at the same time as being my meditation on the aimlessness and ennui of one's mid-20s. The soundtrack was nerdcore hip-hop and 70s buttrock; the theme was preserving the old ways and protecting the new.

It just didn't happen.


This is the book I'm telling you to get in on in advance. People in the know who like good superhero comics will be into this. Most people at your store will not. They'll be too busy with this.