March 30th, 2007

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Choo choo-choo choo, beep beep

And now it's time for another True Story from Benito's LCS.

[enter kid, eleven-ish years old, wandering around looking lost]

BENITO: You looking for something?

KID: Yeah, Bone. Do you know where they keep it?

BENITO: Yeah, there's a display over here. It's got the One volume, and then the color ones.

KID [eying the One volume]: Whoa.

BENITO: Yeah, that's got the whole story in it. It's the best edition available now, and it's the best bang for your buck. Plus, it's in the original black and white [kid sneers as he flips through], which is the best, original, old school, intended, hardcore, OG way to read it. Also, it will cost you over seven times as much to buy the color ones.

KID [picks up color Great Cow Race]: I think I'll get this one.

BENITO:'re going to go to community college.

KID: I don't know what that means.

BENITO: wouldn't.



Why I'm pretty sure that guy at Burger King was gay: when I heard his voice over the drive-thru intercom, I thought he was a young black woman.

Then he had intercourse with a man next to the fry machine.


Re: Batman #664:

We're getting there, we're getting there. I was kind of worried until the last few pages. The Black Casebook? Five ghosts of Batman? A multi-Batman conspiracy that ties into the last story arc? We're getting there...

Too bad JH Williams isn't drawing this run...


Is it wrong that sometimes I get pissed that the only way I seem to be able to start a discussion around here is to post a single image from a forthcoming comic and then make some off-handed, obliquely negative remark about it?

Because I kind of do.


Man, remember dinosaurs? I totally do. I saw a kid with a bag of plastic dinosaurs and my brain kicked into "Benito-at-age-9" mode and words like "styracosaurus" were melting out of my mouth. It was totally hot, brother. The problem was that there were two non-sauroid, mammalian pleistocene megafauna in the bag that I could not name offhand.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I know that they are, in fact, Eobaslieus cornuta and Macrauchenia.

This has been your "what did Benito look up on the internet today?" moment.