April 5th, 2007

type type type

Things I learned today.

1) It doesn't take much effort for the wood in my floor to become the wood in my foot.

2) Splinters that big really hurt when you take them out. For fear of breaking it or splintering it further, rather than just pulling it out, I basically cut that sumbitch out.

3) Doing what I just said does not feel good.


This link has a preview for that Parker/Wieringo Spidey/FF book I tried to warn you about. Don't miss it. Also, it has previews for F******n's actually pretty awesome Punisher book, and Warren Ellis working out his innate British aggression on Ollie Osnick.


I think my e-mail is broken? I'm upset about this?


So...the vikings ride scooters? And listen to mixtapes? I'm confused.