April 29th, 2007

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Wasting my time on a weekend post

Andy Helms drew a Hector Plasm (this is a character I made some comics about). Here it is.

Nate doesn't know this yet, but now he has to draw a Fearless Griggs in exchange.

Will Fearless Griggs ever come out? This question is a mystery!


Speaking of Hector, I have written a new Hector story that will hopefully see print by the end of the year. It is called "Palamon's Conundrum." It has many panels in it. Nate, for this reason, has not started drawing it yet.

Also, he's probably wandering the streets of Boston drunk? It is after midnight on a Saturday, so this is my best guess. Probably he will twist his ankle in a puddle of Frank's blood/vomit mixture as he frotters a transvestite that he hallucinates to be, you know. This is how Nate spends his weekends, you guys. Now you know.


I saw Grindhouse finally tonight. I am mad at you people for not letting it make more money.

Proof that I am a sad person: I was most excited in the film by the cameos by Punky Bruiser and Venis Envy from Rollergirls.


I got some good comics this week, but I think I'll tell you about them sometime when it's not a Saturday night and you don't care.
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