June 5th, 2007

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For those who were worried...

Rest ye easy, gentle friends, neither Nate nor I nor anyone we know was nominated for a Harvey Award this year.

As with the Eisners, I don't particularly want to comment on any particular nomination or category, but there were definitely some here that made me go, "Wait, what?"

The big buzz on the Newsarama talkback is that so many Gemstone Disney books were nominated; to me, this shows that maybe Newsarama posters should pull their heads out of their asses and look at some comics, and not that Gemstone bribed a committee or anything.

I am, however, trying to wrap my mind around the idea that Civil War #1 and Fun Home are in the same category. How does one even process that?

Also, I think it's somewhat short-sighted and unfair that someone (two someones in this case) could be nominated for best artist, best writer, AND best writer/artist. Not cool, guys.

Anyway, arbitrary and ultimately meaningless.


Meanwhile, in deserved award-related news, Dr. Awesome, Esq., Gardner Fox receives the posthumous Finger Award.

I hope that when I have been dead for 20 years that I can win one of those.


Speaking of Fun Home, you should read about it:


FACT: Time Magazine named Fun Home best book of the year. Not best comic book or graphic novel. Best book period. Beating out, say, Cormac McCarthy's new book, for example.

FACT THE SECOND: My and your LCS will probably never carry this book.


Oh, also, the animated film of Persepolis won a big award at Cannes (the Jury Prize, if you care). You may have heard about this. The trailer for the movie looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it.

Also, you should read Persepolis if you have not.


Anyone interested in the continuing true story of 900_scene_girls.zip?