June 13th, 2007

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What I really need now is ideas.

So here's a thing.

In the comments on my last entry, the idea of Ellis' Slimline Anthology format was brought up. If you don't know what that is, here's an excerpt from the Bad Signal where the idea appeared:

Some months ago, it occurred to me
that it'd be possible to do a monthly
anthology book in the Image Slimline
format, which we used to call the
FELL format. 20pp of guts, plus
covers, USD $1.99, yes? I conceived
it on the assumption that it'd be
done at an Image-like company
where there are no advance payments
and all the money comes on the back
end, hence the particular structure
I envisaged. Which is:

+ 1 cover

wherein the 5s are five-page stories
or chapters, and the 1s are one-page
pieces. With each of the 5s done by
a different artist, and the 1s plus
the cover done by another single
artist. Hence, one writer and four
artists. Which makes it easy to
carve up the back end - 20% for
each of the five contributors.

Even before this idea was mentioned to me outright, it was something that I had considered. The anthology format is one that appeals to me; those who have known me for a long time know that the first book Nate and I tried to put together--Action Hour Ballyhoo Go!--was an anthology format between the two of us, where each issue would have various-length stories featuring Fetorpse, Deep Fried Monkey, Wizardry, and short strips not unlike what became the Invincible backups and Hug Salesman (technically its predecessor, Benito's Tales of Love or Lack Thereof).

Also I like to consider the fact that if I can't get an artist to commit to me for 20 pages a month, or, you know, 72 pages in one go, it might be easier to squeeze 5 pages out of them? The format appeals to my more experimental sensibilities as well, where I'm already thinking of ways to subvert it... It's kind of nice.

Still, it reeks of pipe dreams. Getting one artist in line is like herding cats with ADHD, as I may have mentioned before. Doing the same with 4 artists means that instead of a second issue, they'd actually be publishing 20 pages of my suicide note.

Additionally, I don't want to seem like some bandwagon guy trying an idea because Warren Ellis said it. Furthermore, my name doesn't have the weight to make a silly experiment like this fly.

Nice to dream, though.

[edit to add: This is an idea I actually want to discuss. So if you have an opinion or question or idea, please don't hold it back.]


Benito vs. Asian Cinema, pt. 2:

Here is a movie that is great: Save the Green Planet. It is a Korean black comedy/thriller/kind of sci-fi picture. A working class Korean beekeeper goes crazy and suspects rich people are aliens, so he kidnaps and tortures them with his tight-rope walking girlfriend. It's kind of awesome. You might have seen the poster that looks like this:

Totally rent this movie if you have the chance.

Here is a movie that is kind of okay: The Curse of the Golden Flower. I rented this with some small measure of trepidation, because I wondered to myself: is this going to be the mind-blowing action epic that House of Flying Daggers was, or the nationalistic propaganda that Hero was (as beautiful as it might have been)? The answer, as it turns out, is neither, actually.

The story is basically The Lion in Winter, except instead of just shouting at each other, each family member commands an army of stealthy kung fu assassins. There's the big sweeping action army blah blah at the end, but overall, this movie is more like a 7/10 than an OMG/awesome.

Here is a movie that is totally adorable: The Cave of the Yellow Dog. Because sometimes I just want to watch a movie about dogs and Mongolian babies, okay? This is a fascinating little fable, featuring a for real Mongolian family out on the veld, totally rockin' it with some sheep, &c. The little girl finds a dog, and her dad's like, "No no no," you know how it go, right, Fresh Prince?

"Parents just don't understand."

Word, Fresh.

Anyway, you should see this movie if you like cute little Asian babies throwing sheep dung at each other and singing songs.


I won't lie: some of those movies might have inspired elements that went into the strip from the last post. I'm kind of sad I totally tossed in Ninja Mummies of Outer Mongolia as a throwaway joke, but what can you do? I might cannibalize it later. Also the line, "BALLS, Teddy. That is BALLS."

I think that's all?
type type type

Oh, comics: break my bank; unbreak my heart

Although a light week for singles for me (BPRD, Fables, PWJ), comics mana rained down on me nonetheless:



ALSO: I need a haircut, maybe?

For those who are interested WHICH I ASSUME IS ALL OF YOU, these two books are:

Fletcher Hanks: I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets

and, of course

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus vol 1

I have not had time yet to read either of them, but I will say this: the Fourth World book must be made out of some space-age superlight material, because I'm pretty sure it weighs negative one pound. Honestly, DC, if you're going to charge $50 for a book, make it feel like $50 worth of book in your hand. The trim size is also smaller than I expected.


At least the insides look awesome.