August 5th, 2007

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Happy birthday to blog


And welcome to The Captain's Blog's Quinquennial Birthday Celebration. This is, for those who don't know, the wood anniversary. So please feel free to submit any wooden items you would like.

If it should happen that you couldn't follow the beginning of this post from context clues, I will clarify that it was on this very day in 2002 that I decided to start posting on Livejournal. True story. Additional fact: when I started posting here, it was a rather exclusive community and it required a recommendation and a password to start up an account, and not just any willy-nilly furry or goth kid could start posting their poetry here. As such, I guess I didn't really think about the fact that LJ would be considered "to blogs what Avril Lavigne is to punk." Alas! If only I had used instead! Credibility could have been mine!


My first post ever. (Friends locked, as many of my early posts are. Sorry, anonymous.)


Now to be petty. Here are the people who have dropped me as friend in the past year for no apparent reason. Now that you aren't reading anymore, I readily admit that I probably hate you (unless it was all just a crazy misunderstanding).


Every one of you broke my heart, you monsters.

The preceding has been the quinquennial airing of grievances. Thank you for your patience.


Out of concession to Caroline, her favorite post ever, back when my entries were almost exclusively inside jokes that only she would understand. (Again, f-locked, and a couple of the images are broken. Sorry.)


I was considering giving you a kind of "day in the life" photo essay for this post, but I realized that the taedium of my vitae would kind of spoil the delicate gossamer illusion that I am an interesting person. However, in the interests of ruining my own privacy, here are some pictures from my actual house.

Here's the first thing I see when I wake up every morning (other than the ceiling and then the alarm clock or whatever):

That's where I keep recent (and non-recent) comics that I think I should have handy for re-reading at any time I might want. Also my Dracula poster. Bonus points to anyone who can name every visible comic and trade from the picture.

Here are some other (but by no means all) comics I own:

Extra extra bonus points to anyone who can name all of those!

(Bonus points redeemable for theoretical high fives.)


Wow, if only I'd known the trouble this would lead to years later.


I should share some art with you guys. Here are some teaser images of things I have "coming" "up."

Sadly, this is one to be less excited by than you might think:

And here's a thing:

Here's one you've already been palpably unexcited by:

And lord, lord, what could tie them all together? WHAT COULD THIS MEAN? AM I WORKING WITH MIKE ALLRED?

(I am not working with Mike Allred.)


I used to be mean on the internet.


Man, all this posting is making me hungry. I wonder what's for dinner?


Thus is my life as it stands.

A gentle reminder that there is totally a button for donations on my info page.



More posts from my first year of existence:

Remember when I posted etymology lessons? Man, I'm awesome.

My "popular" vampire LARP post for which all the images are now borken.

Hahah, the old quiz I made. See what you get!

More etymology! GOD, I'm smarter than you.

I'm like Chris Hansen before Chris Hansen was Chris Hansen.


UGHH. Sorry, guys. This post was supposed to be more epic and monolithic, but it's almost impossible to do with the spotty internet connection I have.

I'll attempt to do further retrospective links throughout the week.

Sorry for clogging your friends page with garbage.

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