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The Captain's Blog
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Sunday, August 12th, 2007

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"Links" means "left" auf Deutsch
My friend Cory is going to draw Punisher War Journal, written by somebody.


My friend Robert is going to write Killraven, drawn by somebody.


Nate has finally actually launched his "daily" blog.


I misunderstood, thought the wall was just good for staring blankly at.

Oh, free music that Benito is sharing with the world, express the way my life do in song form, plz. Thx.


Steve Schwartz did a pretty cool thing. I encourage you to enjoy it.

In fact, if you are reading this and you have done a fan arts or whatever for me, I encourage you to post it in a reply to this message, even if you think I have seen it. I will then subsequently share it with the world in a later post.


A guest strip of Questionable Content by the awesome Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja features a cameo by the Bully Pulpit. Check it out.


I feel like there was something else, but that's it for now. Internet is still pretty spotty overall, so I have to be not at home to do something like this.

You are my only connection to the internest. Do not leave me like this nooooooooo

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