August 14th, 2007

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Benito Hate Previews for October

Kind of a lame month for orders from Previews.

1) Courtney Crumrin and the Prince of Nowhere

Can't find a link or cover image for this one! Anyway, it's the next Courtney Crumrin book, which should be enough for you, but I'd lay money most of you have never read this awesomely engaging series.

Forthcoming 5

2) Multiple Warheads #2

Second verse, same as the first (i.e., no picture or link). I hope you took my advice and checked out #1, because it's awesome, basically? Here's the series description:

"WolfWar 3 ended almost 50 years ago and snow has been falling on Dead City for almost as long. A war-torn wasteland that stinks of radiation dust and broken dreams, it’s the town Sexica and Nikoli call home. But not for long.

They’re packing up their cyber-organic-hybrid car and hitting the road. Soon maybe all of the pain, mayhem, and space ship crashes that have plagued their lives will be reduced to nothing more than memories."

Numbah wan san

3) The Complete Persepolis

Now a major motion picture! What more could you need to know, emeyeroit? Persepolis has won a million awards both as a comic and as a movie, and I hate you more each passing second that you don't buy it.

4) Atomic Robo #1

Scott Wegener has been a huge booster of Hector, so I figured I'd return the favor. The book looks pretty rad anyway.

Press release with series description.

Additionally, I added the Howard the Duck and Omega the Unknown minis from Marvel to my pull list, coincidentally two Steve Gerber properties presented in such a manner than Gerber would want adamantly that I buy neither. Oh well?


Spent your whole life waiting to see a Newsarama article that uses and displays art by Nate in addition to mentioning that his art is available to buy without saying his name a single time?

Live that dream, October Sky.