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Friday, September 7th, 2007

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Your Halloween scene for the day
From the first (and best) Dracula movie ever, Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie des Grauens, by FW Murnau:


For comics to get you in the mood, today saw the release of Hellboy vol. 7: The Troll Witch and Others, featuring stories from Hellboy 1/2, The Dark Horse Books of Hauntings, Monsters, Witchcraft, and The Dead, Makoma, and an all new story illustrated by P Craig Russell. Worth every penny, even to double dip, as I did.

Also: last week's Ex Machina Masquerade Special, with art by John Paul Leon. It's pretty fantastic, and mostly standalone, even if you haven't read much of the series.


Lobster Johnson #1. If you haven't picked up this masterpiece, I implore you to do so instead of grabbing part one of One More Dollar. Do it for your own sake.


Like many others in my immediate circle, I'm heading out to a wedding tomorrow. Nate rented a car and he and I and S________ are going to drive up and I'm going to hope she didn't read the comics I wrote about her.

I'm planning on taking a lot of pictures, and if the bride doesn't kill me for it, I might post one or two.

See you when I get back.

P.S. Since I'll be gone, let me know if anything awesome gets announced at Baltimore over the weekend.

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