September 18th, 2007

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Popgun has a website, basically

And it is this:

I don't think this is the final one? But it's a thing. So check it out.


Here is a thing that is awesome:


Your Halloween scene for the day:

One of my all time favorite "horror" movies is the original Wicker Man, which is less a horror film, and much more a religious satire comedy mystery musical, featuring Christopher "Dracula/Saruman" Lee in drag, looking suspiciously like Cher.

Here's one of the song sequences from the movie:

Oh, here's another really good one:

It was, of course, famously remade in 2006 as this stupid point of sale, wherein Nicolas Cage punches women while in a stolen bear costume (furries' revenge!):

Seriously, guys, see the original, skip the remake. retroCRUSH's somewhat well known "Top 100 Scariest Scenes" list has the ending of The Wicker Man as one of its picks, so that's available on YouTube that way, but, uh, that's the ending of the movie. Don't spoil it for yourself if you haven't seen it. It's a fantastic movie.



Another True Story from Benito's LCS: Benito is a jerk to a child

FIFTH GRADER digs in pocket for money, sets two dollars on the counter while digging for more. BENITO picks up the two dollars, "secretly" puts it "in" his pocket.

FIFTH G: Hey, that's my two dollars!

BENITO: Then why is it in my pocket?

FIFTH G: You took it and put it in there!

BENITO: Yeah, all right, you caught me.

BENITO drops the two dollars on the ground in front of the child. The child bends down to pick up his money, but sets his YU-GI-OH! deck on the counter to free up his hands. BENITO steals YGO deck box.

FIFTH G: Hey! Give back my deck!

BENITO: Why? You took my two dollars.

FIFTH G: That deck is worth more than two dollars! It's worth more than your life!

BENITO: Tall words, short man. More than my LIFE?

FIFTH G: You spend half your life standing around a comic store waiting for something interesting to happen!



You get your cards back, but only because you have spoken an unutterable truth.


P.S. I swear that is totally what he said. I don't make stuff up for these. Then they wouldn't be TRUE STORIES FROM BENITO'S LCS.