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The Captain's Blog
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Friday, October 26th, 2007

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Compete with me, help the world
I know there are those of you who enjoy the idea of trying to one-up me (anonymous poster who shows me his Solitaire scores that are better than mine, I'm looking at you), so here's your chance:


This is a website that tests your vocabulary and feeds the hungry at the same time. Every correct answer means ten grains of rice donated via the UN. So that's helping. Now here are the game mechanics:

A few sample vocab questions gauges your level. From then on, every three correct answers means an advancement in level, while every answer wrong means a decrease in level. There are 50 levels. According to their FAQ, most people cannot score above a 48.

Last night I was able to get to 48, but not move on to 49. Tonight, with some effort, I managed to make it to level 50, and remain there for five words (more than enough that I would have proceeded to level 51, if it existed) before I screwed up and got bumped back down to 49.

I realize there's no way to really prove your score, so we're going honor system here. Can you match my score? Can you maintain a 50 for longer than I did?

Go go feed the hungry!
Happy Hectorween 2007
Hectorween finally comes early, rather than late, this year. Brand new Hector strip exclusive to the web.

Writes by me, lines by Nate Bellegarde, colors (eventually) by Jacob Baake, letters by SA Finch.

And if you're reading this and are from the Isle of Man, I apologize in advance for my mangled Manx.

The rest after the cut.Collapse )

Happy Halloween, everybody.

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