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Thursday, November 8th, 2007

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Top/bottom comics
As hard as this may be to believe, I have some idiosyncrasies when it comes to comics. I know; I know.

Most weeks I arrange my comics into a stack in the order in which I want to read them. This is not uncommon, I realize. Some people put their favorite comic on top, some save it for last as "dessert."

Typically I arrange my comics from most fun to least fun. That's really the only way I can think of putting it. It's not a matter of books I do or don't like; I've put some effort into eliminating buying books I won't enjoy. It's just that most of the time I get more excited about books that are fun, call me old fashioned.

So even though I buy several Vertigo titles of high caliber that I love and cherish, a Vertigo title will almost always immediately go to the bottom of the pile, even if it's something over-the-top and blackly humorous, such as The Exterminators.

And I judge comic weeks by how many top comics there are versus how many bottom comics there are. The more top comics, the more fun I will have reading.

This week was a good week. Seven comics deep into the pile I had books that, any other week, would have been a top of the stack comic. So, you know, good times.

Hellboy, of course, was top of the stack. Lobster Johnson sat right under it. Beneath those you would find Iron Fist, Omega the Unknown, Howard the Duck, MODOK's 11.

That last one is the real quality find this week. The Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 mini-series, by the highly under-rated Fred Van Lente, has been a treat from the beginning, but the ending? HOLY CRAPS, GUYS. There are so many twists and turns and double-crosses and triple-crosses, your head will spin as you jump up and down in your chair and also wet yourself. Do yourself a favor and pick up this cool little ditty.

Another thing I picked up this week was Dan Brereton's Nocturnals hardcover. It is a really nice package, the first of three oversized hardcovers collecting every Nocturnals story evah. Also, due to an awesome slip-up, I totally got the deluxe HC for the price of the regular edition. My only complaint is that every page is printed on super-high-gloss black paper. Which looks really nice--UNTIL YOU TOUCH IT ONE TIME. Every single page is going to have fingerprints and smudges unless I wear gloves while reading it.


Still. A great week for comics.

(Oh, the bottom comics of the week were Y, Exterminators, and Criminal. All great books--otherwise I wouldn't buy them--but they're bottom-of-the-stackers.)


Thanks for the support following my last post; I wasn't really fishing for compliments (or money), but thanks to those who provided either, even if the only people who donated money were people who probably shouldn't have.

Thanks anyway.



(For comics shipping January 2008)

Cut for those in my readership who hate comics for whatever reason. LADIES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.Collapse )

And that's the list for books shipping in January. Not too shabby.


And as long as we're talking January Previews, just remember this is in it, too:


Okay, it's almost time for Last One Standing.

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