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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

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Ill-conceived 5 AM post
I just barreled through a not insignificantly long writing session, being the most productive I've been in ages, and I feel like I should be tired, but I'm not, so I'm posting here.


Even though the beginning of Halloween season proper isn't for almost a month and a half, I've found myself in the mood for horror. Television isn't sating me. A&E is not showing episodes of Paranormal State frequently enough for my liking, so I went to get a horror movie at the video store.

I wanted to find something new, and I wanted to find something good.

And call me picky, but I also wanted to find something that wasn't torture porn, a slasher flick, zombies, something with a monster covered in unconvincing prosthetics, or a remake of an Asian film I've already seen. This REALLY narrowed the options.

Mostly, I just wanted a good ghost story. It might not surprise you that I'm slightly obsessed with good ghost stories. And it seems like there would be more set to film, just because a GOOD ghost story is rarely going to require fancy special effects or costumes. Bad costumes and over-reliance on special effects is basically ruining horror movies. Everyone is consumed with "WHAT DO THE MONSTER LOOK LIKE," not realizing that when you see it, everything will be ruined. (Not always, obviously. But you recognize the principle I'm addressing here.)

Anyway, it was looking pretty grim, but I happened to find a little Spanish film called The Orphanage that looks to be basically exactly what I was looking for. The bad news is, it was the only one, so what will I get when I go back? I can only rent the same movie so many times.

I haven't watched it yet, since I was writing. I'm tempted to watch it now, but it's after 5 am AND THAT WOULD BE ILL-ADVISED.


I feel as if I wrote a hundred e-mails today. I'm trying to organize the new Hector book. If it goes off the way it is supposed to, you guys are in for a treat (or a trick! That is a hint to content.)

Hmm. Okay, accepting questions about the new book.........NOW.


Man, what is this?

Written by Kevin VanHook
Art and cover by Tom Mandrake
A man is killed by a mysterious creature - his body drained of blood. A woman is savagely attacked by a ferocious beast - her jugular ripped out. Bat wings flutter across the moon and the howl of a wolf echoes through the streets, for the creatures of the night have risen from the grave, and humanity's only salvation is the combined might of The Last Son of Krypton and The Dark Knight Detective. Blood will run red when Superman and Batman face off against vampires and werewolves for the fate of the entire DCU!
Issue #1 on sale October 15 * Issue #2 on sale October 29 * 1 and 2 of 6 * 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

They should just hire me to do a Transilvane comic instead. I will do it for free.


Okay, I think that's it. I should go to bed, basically. It is 5:30 AM.

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