October 31st, 2010

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Hello. It is Halloween. You did it.

Here are some things about Halloween:

Nate has an awesome Hector Plasm Halloween print available for sale!

It is super high-quality printing and paper. It looks like this:

You can purchase it here:


Nate has also done a fun illustration for a ComicsAlliance feature called Greatest Comics that Never Happened.

I won't spoil the picture for you, because it's so fun, but here's the title: "GALACULA THIRSTS!"

Check it out:


Speaking of ComicsAlliance, I contributed a piece to a feature in which spooky writers such as myself AND R.L. FRICKING STINE talk about their favorite scary story or scary childhood memory.

As such, I wrote up an epic tale of young Benito.

It begins thusly:

"The Time the Church Ghosts Tried to Kill Me

When I was a child, I was convinced that the church was haunted. Even then, I could see the logical inconsistency: how could a church be filled with ghosts? A Dracula couldn't step foot on consecrated ground, how could something so much lower on the Hierarchical Ladder of Monsters (Draculas--> Frankensteins--> Wolf-Mans--> Freddy Kruegers--> Teen Wolves--> Ghosts) not be automatically incinerated by the Holy Ghost Power (the Holy Ghost obviously having been granted special dispensation by the church)?

Regardless, I imagine any sufficiently large building absent of warm bodies, in a child's imagination, becomes full of dead ones. An empty Toys 'R Us might as well be the Amityville Horror house if it's quiet and all the lights are off. And so, once apart from the protective presence of my family, I became convinced nameless, faceless revenants lurked not only the church's interiors, but its whole grounds.

I was frequently able to ward off fears of these spirits by being frequently armed with the officially licensed Ghostbusters 2 noisemaking keychain I got from Hardee's. A fully functional spectral dematerializer and much more compact than a proton pack, this little beauty offered me protection from the dead in a variety of wavelengths, including triggers for rays sounding like a car alarm or a bomb whistling through the sky and then detonating. It was all very technical."

Read the rest here:


No new Hectorween this year, sorry. But if you've never seen it, here is the animatic musical version of "Hector contre la Danse Macabre" Nate and I made last year:


Unrelated to either me or Nate, here is a pretty awesome comic getting passed around this Halloween:



My awesome good friend finkenstein made the world's best Halloween costume. You can see it here:



In other, less interesting costume news, here is me in my costume:

I am a Professaurus.

Professaur Rex if you prefer.

That mask is handmade by me and Nate. No one was selling dinosaur masks this year for some reason.

Here is Nate's costume, linked for your own protection.

If you have some cool pictures of your costume, please feel free to share!


And there you have it.

Happy Halloween, everyone.