Benito Cereno (benitocereno) wrote,
Benito Cereno

People who are better than me in ways

My dear friend and erstwhile collaborator, Paul Maybury, has a comic up for voting on at Zuda. Please check it out and give it a vote. It's pretty much the best one, and it's in 4th place currently. Tell your friends.


Jess Fink takes a break from boners to share a story about a crazy person who lives in her building. Through a strict daily regimen of schadenfreude, I was able, with some difficulty, to photosynthesize her discomfort into my amusement.


I'll take things Nate is way too into for $1000.


As near as I can tell, in the week+ since its release, exactly one person has reviewed Popgun, and, uh, he didn't like it very much.


Hey, uh, how about that Ultimates 3, huh?


Friday night blues. Talk at me, lads and ladies.

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