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Green beans in my tummy, yummy yummy, party party.


A new New Frontier special from Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone hits in March.


Coming in August, and not nearly soon enough.

Writers: Grant Morrison and Mark Millar
Artists: Howard Porter, Oscar Jimenez, Don Hillsman, John Dell, Chip Wallace, Ken Branch and Anibal Rodriguez
Collects JLA #1-9 and JLA SECRET FILES #1
$29.99, 256 pages


My friend Clay talks about his forthcoming run on Superman Confidential, starring my pal, Jimmy Olsen.


Time Magazine has released its list of top ten best graphic novels for 2007.

First place goes to my beloved Achewood, though even I, as lenient as I am with such terms, would be hard-pressed to qualify it as a "graphic novel."

As far as I can tell, Time's comics critic must have changed from previous years. The old guy used to always spell it "Comix" and then tell me how bad 1602 was.

This new person has almost gone too far in the opposite direction. When you consider that four of the top five entries come from Marvel and DC, I, at least, have to take pause. And two webcomics? Really? Including one I've never heard of before? I guess...?

But, you know, congrats to Robert for hitting #4 (even though I would guess the previous critic would never have given the book a second look, at no fault of the book itself).

I dunno. Weird times.


Speaking of Kirkman, here's a piece of trivia for those of you who collect such things:

Kirkman totally hates Guitar Hero. He thinks it is the most boring thing possible. This fact blew my mind. Right out the back of my head. I stood there and watched him play it, a look of boredom and disgust on his face the whole time. I don't understand it. But it's true.

(Though to be fair, I feel basically the same way about, what do I know?)

Also: Kirkman's site is finally "up."


Nate says I should go back to posting a weekly ship list, because my Previews recommendations are all well and good, but don't help much if he doesn't know when the book is coming out.

Real conversation:

HIM: When does The Trial of Colonel Sweeto come out?

ME: About a month and a half ago. Way to be on the ball.

HIM: :(

Would anyone care? Is this a thing I should do? Or should I just mail it directly to Nate's lazy ass?


That's all.


P.S. Nate is back.

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