Benito Cereno (benitocereno) wrote,
Benito Cereno

Trolley Molly don't love Harold; boola-boola Pensacoola hullaballoo

Happy Boxing Day, Canadiens of all nationalities. I hope you knocked someone out today.


I promised a Zmas present, and here I am at last to deliver.

I hope I haven't posted this already.

This was the strip Nate and I did that ran in the 2005 Image Holiday Special. I'm really kind of bummed they haven't done another one of those since then. I love holiday specials, no matter how good ("Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santron") or bad (this year's DC Halloween special). I figured most of you did not buy this book, so I thought I'd share our contribution with you two years later. I'm pretty proud of this strip.

I am the eggman, I am the Christmas, goo-goo g'joob.


Also, I got a hair-

I let my hair grow out long for numerous reasons. I didn't cut it for over a year and a half, so it got pretty long. Perhaps as long as I've ever had it.

Saturday in a fit of pique, I murdered it all. Also, because it was a holiday, I dressed up a little.

Good S---- opines that the new look is "weeeeeird." You can make your own decisions.


I hope you all have safe travels as you make your way wherever you're going, and if you're at internet tonight, share a cup of cheer, won't you?

What was your Yuletide haul this year, Christians and other mainstream Americans?

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