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Upcoming from New England Comics

(W) Benito Cereno (A) Les McClaine The Tick wants a pet and to prove to Arthur he can handle the responsibility, he volunteers to baby-sit for other pet-owning super-heroes. But, as can only happen in The City, those super-heroes have out-of-town business - all at once - leaving The Tick 'in charge' of a wild menagerie of strange super-pets who decide that 'when the owner's away, the pets will play!' Can The Tick and Arthur regain control over 'animals gone wild' before The City is turned into a wilderness itself?


(W) Benito Cereno (A) Les McClaine The first 6 issues of the new and critically-acclaimed Tick series from the fertile minds of Benito Cereno and Les McClaine are collected for the first time! You will meet a whole new cast of characters like The Scarf Ace, Deperadoe, and the ever lethal Sewer Mimes to name but a few. Plus many other all-new wacky Tick exploits that are sure to be instant classics! All initial orders of this book will be signed and numbered by the whole New Series crew!

SO! If you are one of those people who have been telling me you're just waiting on the trade for this book, time to nut up or shut up! Here it is.

I would prefer you support local business and pre-order this from your local comic shop, in which case the order number for this book is DEC101018. It is on page 285 of the Previews catalog! Only pre-ordered editions will be signed and numbered!

If you are one of those people whose comic shops hate money and will refuse to order a book someone specifically asks for, look at all these goddamn places you can buy it online, AT A DISCOUNT:


So let's do this, okay? Okay.

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