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Coming in September   
02:06am 28/06/2010

(W) Benito Cereno (A) Les McClaine The Ticks and Arthurs of two worlds - er, two times, nowadays and golden age days - must team up in The Present to foil the plot of The Terror - uh, two Terrors, the current one and his golden age version - to restore some semblance of sanity to The Tick Universe! Many other heroes and bad guys appear as well, some from right now and some from oh so long ago! Enjoy the Extravaganza!

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A couple of things   
12:24pm 18/06/2010
  Two things about the Guardians of the Globe:

1) Coming in September:

As the VILTRUMITE WAR rages on within the pages of INVINCIBLE, the ranks of the Guardians of the Globe are suddenly depleted. The Guardians recruitment drive is interrupted as a distress call comes in from Aquarus: Octoboss has taken over Atlantis! Now the recruits are thrown head first into battle—let’s hope they’re ready. If only Invincible were there to help...

2) Here is an interview I did at Newsarama about the Guardians of the Globe.

Here is one thing about the Tick:

1) Hitting shelves on Wednesday, The Tick New Series #4:

(W) Benito Cereno
(A) Les McClaine

The City is being inundated by torrential downpours, forcing The Tick and his friends indoors to play board games while unknown to them an epic "undersea" battle takes place in the now underwater streets for control of The City! Will The City survive the battle between its wacky watery heroes and villains as they finally get their shot at the spotlight! And can the The Tick escape the hell of "board game night" and join the fray? All this, plus a bonus Mike Oeming backup story.

This is my favorite issue of the series so far. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.
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Looking for artist/collaborator   
04:29pm 16/06/2010
  Hello, the world.

My name is Benito Cereno, and I write comic books.

Currently I write The Tick for New England Comics and I am the co-writer on the forthcoming Guardians of the Globe series with Robert Kirkman for Image Comics. In the past I have written such titles as Invincible Presents: Atom Eve, Invincible Presents: Atom Eve and Rex Splode, Tales from the Bully Pulpit, and Hector Plasm.

I am always looking for a new project to work on, and so I am seeing if there are any professional or aspiring artists out there who would like to collaborate with me on a project for print.

I am not necessarily looking for someone to work on a pre-existing property or concept, but someone who would like to work together to create a new property.

If your skills and work ethic are of a professional grade and you would like to work with me or would like more information, please send me an e-mail with art sample at benito AT fetorpse.org.

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New Guardians of the Globe teaser   
12:42pm 02/06/2010
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Some pages from Guardians of the Globe   
02:25pm 25/05/2010

As the VILTRUMITE WAR rages on within the pages of INVINCIBLE, the ranks of the Guardians of the Globe are suddenly depleted. The world is in danger, and the team is in search of new blood. It’s the biggest recruitment drive since Omni-Man slaughtered the original members. But will the new Guardians of the Globe be ready in time to stop The Order? This series is a can’t-miss action extravaganza!

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Guardians of the Globe #1   
05:52pm 13/05/2010
  Coming in August.

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Anti-social Networking   
11:13pm 10/05/2010
  If you have ever wondered either aloud or internally to yourself why I do not have any noticeable presence on Facebook, the world's most popular social networking site until Friendster gets back on its feet, you are not alone (I assume).

So in an attempt to rectify that, here is a thing that Nate and I made:

Benito & Nate's Thing on the Facebook

Please feel free to go, say that you "like" us, and contribute to any and all discussions that we might hold there. We will try to keep you updated on news on releases and con appearances and what have you. (I will also continue to post such information here, but that one will have stuff about Nate, too, unfortunately.)

Enjoy! Tell all your friendsters!
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Tick New Series #5   
07:28pm 09/05/2010
  Coming in July.

(W) Benito Cereno (A) Les McClaine An epic cross-era saga, starring both The Tick and The Golden Age Tick! The Tick from Today and The Tick from World War II trade places when The Terror - the only Tick Universe villain old enough to have fought them both! - shoots both heroes with his inter-dimensional-time-travel ray gun! Can the modern Tick cope with the challenges of a wartime comic book reality? And can The Golden Age Tick deal with a world without rationing, big bands and clearly-delineable enemies!
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Coming in July   
04:34pm 23/04/2010


Written by Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno, art by Nate Bellegarde, cover by Cory Walker.

Revealing the secret history of his famed superhero's most beloved allies, Atom Eve and Rex Splode. This collection is a direct tie-in to the ongoing adventures of Invincible, revealing secrets his ongoing superhero series! Collects Invincible Presents: Atom Eve #1-2 and Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1-3

144 pages, $14.99, in stores on July 14.
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Out this week: Tick New Series #3   
06:41pm 19/04/2010

(W) Benito Cereno (A) Les McClaine Introducing Feral Sewer Mimes - or FSM's as they are known to conspiracy theorists everywhere! When the Tick breaks Arthur's toilet and there is no money for repairs, The Tick decides to do it himself. The results so disastrous that The Tick and Arthur actually end up in the sewers underneath The City where instead of the mythical sewer alligators they encounter a band of feral sewer mimes!


Hitting Wednesdays! Available in a million places online if your store isn't carrying it! Please, if you read it and like it--and you WILL, because it is the best of the series so far--please do something to help spread the word. Post a review on a message board or blog, or just tell your Twitter friends, or whatever! Word of mouth sells books! Selling books keeps those books coming out! Help me help you!

Anyway, I'm pretty excited. Like I said, it's the best so far.

But not as good as issue 4.


And if you pick it up and read it, on the sly, I will tell you, the original opening line of the text piece was "I promise I'm not trying to make fetch happen."

But I had to change it. But just between us, you know.


If you buy it Wednesday, let me know what you thought, okay?
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Bulletproof is a member of the GotG   
07:03pm 26/03/2010
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Yeti is a member of the GotG   
05:07pm 25/03/2010
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Kaboomerang is a member of the GotG   
07:36pm 24/03/2010
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Outrun is an actual member of the GotG   
03:10pm 23/03/2010
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Brit is an actual member of the GotG   
05:51pm 22/03/2010
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The Boy Who Lived and I are members of the GotG   
04:42pm 19/03/2010

And here's the real skinny on the book, including the creative team (SPOILERS: I'm on it):

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President Barack H. Obama is a member of the GotG   
06:42pm 18/03/2010
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Rick Grimes is a member of the GotG   
03:06pm 17/03/2010
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Spawn is a member of the GotG   
07:23pm 16/03/2010
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Invincible is a member of the Guardians of the Globe   
02:07pm 16/03/2010


Also, my friends Ryan and Jason have a new book coming out. Check it:

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